photoshoot at SFAI with TVAT so goddamn angsty
photoshoot at SFAI with TVAT
photoshoot at SFAI with TVAT

Screen printed my drawing on a shirt

sylvia plath by me
The return of the shitty doodles
Doodle I did for a shitty zine I made in one day

Your work makes me shiver.


THanks(I don’t know if this is positive or not) but either way that’s cool. I think anyone who makes art hopes to be able to provoke a reaction from their audience. So in a way. This is one of the best complements I could get.

First screenprint. Complete failure but still love the medium and can’t wait to make another

20 minute water color sketch. Gender:undecided

Hi I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I must say your art is quite inspiring! I greatly admire your technique and style and just the overall feel in of your work, it's quite stunning. Please keep doing what your doing and don't let anyone crush your spirits.


Thank you!! This is wonderful feedback and I really appreciate it. I still have a lot to learn/take in/ and grow. I’m so happy that you are inspired and even just provoking emotions from my art. I think that is the greatest goal for any artist, just successfully communicating ideas and getting across to fellow human beings.


doodle on document
Blind contours